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Follow us with video clips from the Wretches & Jabberers Tour

Chapter One

The first stop for the Wretches & Jabberers Tour is Syracuse, NY, at the Disability Cultural Center Initiative at Syracuse University, to answer questions about the film.


Chapter Two

A second stop in Syracuse, NY for Larry and Tracy is to present the film and their personal narratives at the Syracuse International Film Festival.


Chapter Three

Friends from Finland and Sri Lanka descend upon Burlington, Vermont to visit Larry and Tracy and discuss how the film has impacted their lives.


Chapter Four

Tracy invites Henna and Antti to join him at his monthly task force meeting at Community Developmental Services in Barre, VT.


Chapter Five

The Vermonters are asked to speak about their experiences making the film at the 35th Annual TASH Conference held in Denver, Colorado.


Chapter Six

Larry, Tracy, Harvey & Pascal are speaking to teens in Houston at the 26th Annual BBYO Lonestar Convention to inspire them to make a difference in their world.


Chapter Seven

Author Stephen Kuusisto shares a few insights about his own disability with Larry & Tracy.


Chapter Eight

While in New York City, the Vermonters take an opportunity to visit the Apple Store and try out the new iPad 2.


Chapter 9



Chapter 10



Chapter 11



Chapter 12



Chapter 13



Breakfast at Larry's

Larry invites visiting international friends Chammi, Antti & Henna to his home for a traditional Vermonter breakfast.

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